Impress Your Clients with a 5 Star Dinner

Impress Your Clients with a 5 Star Dinner

Are you hosting an important client? This can mean strengthening of business partnerships or strengthening of important ties with the client. How then can you make their experience the best and boost your client contacts or even increase your client base? The following are rules to consider when hosting your important client and impress then with 5-star dinner.


Before we get to the 5-star meal, you need to know that the venue is the most important part in impressing your clients. Look for a restaurant that gives quality service, has a serene environment that can allow you to talk openly and without distractions with your clients. Additionally, you get more points when you discover what your clients’ favorite meals are; the likes Chinese, Indian, or BBQ. These preferences will give you better ideas on the venues to pick for the 5-star dinner.

Making first Impressions

First impressions are everything, from how you dress, to how you receive your clients at the venue you have picked. First impressions affect the way people perceive you to be also, by how you carry yourself. From first impressions, clients can tell whether to trust you with their products or not.  Here are some tips on how to make a great first impression.


Hospitality is crucial in relating to your clients, think on how well you should receive them. Hospitality goes hand-in-hand with greetings, and receiving clients. Know your client’s tradition, where they come from, how they greet each other male-to-female, and male-to-male, so that you do not embarrass yourself or make your client feel disrespected. For instance, in the Chinese culture it is rude to shake hands, their greetings involve bowing heads towards each other.


Entertainment brings liveliness to the dinner, find music that is soothing to the ear. Therefore, you cannot take your clients to a club where there is booming loud music or in a restaurant that is near a club or that has a club in it.

Apart from the music, another part of entertaining your guests is engaging them in conversations that do not necessarily involve business but that will keep them entertained. Show interest in how the clients are faring on in their lives, since we mentioned that it’s not a business meeting, rather a dinner, ask about their families, friends, what they love to do in their free time.

Ensure that the hotel provides the best foods in 5-course meal style, and make sure that the drinks are not of high alcohol content; you don’t want them to have hangovers.

Lastly, be cautious about how you conduct yourself. Do not forget your manners.