Spoil Your Staff with Dinner Out

Spoil Your Staff with Dinner Out

Showing your staff how much you appreciate them is a great idea. Treating your hard-working team will boost morale, and most likely boost productivity and job satisfaction too!

Here are some tips to spoil your staff with dinner out:


Choosing the restaurant is key to a successful staff dinner.

  • Choose somewhere with a wide range of cuisine choices to suit all tastes
  • Call ahead to make sure they have plenty of room for your group
  • Make sure they are used to hosting large groups so they don’t get annoyed if the night turns out to be noisy or rowdy
  • Organize with the restaurant a set menu or simplified ordering and payment plan to minimize hassle on the night
  • Ask the restaurant if they can provide starter platters when the group first arrives


You don’t need to tell them outright what you are planning, why not make it a surprise?

  • Send out a group email to your staff with a survey about their availability. This will incite lots of excitement and speculation
  • When you pick the night, send out a “save the date” email with some vague details regarding what to expect
  • Let them know that this is an outside-work-hours event to express your gratitude for their hard work


Whether or not to invite partners is a big question. If it is for a particular event like Christmas or a company milestone, then it’s more appropriate to invite partners. But if it’s a general dinner to spoil your staff, then keep it just staff. Here are some ideas to make families more included:

  • Have a pre-dinner function at work where partners are welcome to come and socialize before staff moves on to dinner
  • Have a more casual, post-dinner meet-up option at a bar or other venue where partners are welcome to come along and meet up with the team after the dinner


  • You don’t want to make this a hassle for the staff, but you do want to give them an opportunity to really make a night of it. Specify that the dress code is business casual, or if they would like, they can go all out!
  • Make sure to plan well in advance so your staff can organize babysitters
  • Set a casual, friendly atmosphere by getting to the restaurant earlier than your staff so you can be there to greet them and offer them a drink as soon as they arrive
  • Give a small speech at the dinner table, but keep it short and complimentary so the staff doesn’t feel like they’re at work!

Spoiling your staff with dinner out is a great way to build team relationships, boost morale and make your staff feel appreciated and worthy. Go ahead and get planning!